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Work Of Glucosamine


The CASU is a relatively new supplement designed for people who lead an active way of life. The formula is meant to provide support to the joints and remove joint discomfort. According to the supplement's manufacturer, it is recommended by the number of orthopedic specialists, even though there is not proof that it is really true. The joint health supplement is made by the company, which is most probably located in the USA, however, its exact address is not given on the official website. The latter is far from perfect because it lacks very important information about the product, such as side effects associated with its usage. It is only mentioned that the supplement contains glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. The manufacturer also produces three other products, namely CDS and CVerde.

Our formula of CASU contains a combination of components which are claimed to improve the work of glucosamine alone: chondroitin sulfate, AKBA (from Boswellia serrata), avocado/soybean unsaponifiables (ASU), and decaffeinated green tea extract. The latter is said to provide EGCG. In fact, that is all that was mentioned about the product's ingredients on the official website. I have also found out that the supplement contains avocado soybean. The latter inhibit compounds that lead to cartilage breakdown, however this claim has not been approved by any scientific study or research. All of the ingredients in CASU need laboratory cell culture studies to be confirmed as effective and safe.

Another ingredient in the supplement is decaffeinated green tea extract which possesses antioxidant properties but they are too little for real improving of the human health. The manufacturer claims that the higher mentioned active ingredients decrease the risk of cartilage breakdown. They are claimed to remove joint discomfort, protect cartilage and promote a positive response connected with joint comfort. Unfortunately, those are just claims and nothing more as they aren't confirmed by laboratory studies. CASU has not been tested for purity by Quality Control or any other independent testing facilities, so no one can say for sure that it meets high quality standards.

There is information about the amount of active ingredients used in CASU. It can be helpful people who are prone to severe allergic reactions. According to the manufacturer, one serving of the product contains 1500 mg (1.5 g) of FCHG49; Glucosamine HCl, 400 mg of a proprietary blend of NMX1000; ASU, QUIKLOXTM AKBA, and decaffeinated Green Tea extract, as well as 350 mg of TRH122; Chondroitin Sulfate. It is advised to take three capsules of the supplement daily until the wished comfort is reached. It is not even mentioned when the results can be expected. This probably, not an effective product if the manufacturer says that you may reduce dosage on your own.

Although CASU has its official website, the manufacturer decided to keep silent about possible adverse reactions and side effects of the product. It makes me think that the company is not really interested in positive effects of their product or in the health of their customers. The supplement seems not to be completely natural or safe and it may carry certain potential dangers for human health and even life. The dosage can be changed by the user. That's nonsense! As a specialist, I never allow my patients to change the dosage of their medications.

Before using CASU take into consideration some precautions. Forst of all, the product should be avoided by pregnant and breast-feeding women, as well as by people who have any condition that requires medical attention or take some medications on a regular basis. Always consult your doctor before taking this or any other doubtful dietary supplement. Keep CASU in a dry and cool place, out of children's reach. Do not use the supplement if the seal is missing or broken. Nothing can tell better about the product than the real users who have already tried it. Let's have a look at some of their reviews.

"I took CASU for about a month. I started with three capsules a day, then dropped down to two capsules. After that time, I got bladder irritation and developed a UTI. I went to the doctor who told me to stop taking the supplement immediately. I am not sure if my illness was caused by this product, but after I stopped using it I recovered"

"I am half through my first bottle of CASU. I started with four pills per day and now I am taking only one per day because of the side effects I have. I have almost got used to constant nausea. Last week I noticed something like a ganglion cyst on my finger knuckle. I hope it will disappear soon. I think I will have to stop taking this product"

"I was taking CASU for three weeks for getting rid from pain in my joints but I did not notice any change. Then I started to take a higher dosage and what I noticed was an unpleasant metallic taste in my mouth. I don't think it is a good sign so I stopped using the supplement. They say formula has changed, this may be the reason. I cannot recommend it to my friends or acquaintances"

CASU can be purchased in almost all retail stores online, including Walgreens, Drugstore, Harmon, Giant, Walmart, GNC. The price may vary from place to place. 90 s of the product on Amazon are priced $30 plus shipping.

After writing this summary about CASU I am not sure whether this product is able to take proper care of your joints and health in general. And I have many reasons for such a claim. First of all, it is dangerous with its side effects including nausea, bladder irritation, metal taste in the mouth, etc. Even though the product is widely spread and can be found almost everywhere, there is little information about the ingredients it contains. Taking into account all of these factors, I cannot recommend CASU to usage by people suffering from joint problems. I would advise them to look for a safer and more effective solution.

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