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Improves Erections


AZe is manufactured by company HCDiet, LLC, located in Beverly, Massachusetts, USA. It is a badly-known organization and even though it has an official website, the latter gives very little information about AZe. I have thoroughly searched but I haven't found any data about the ingredients or possible side effects of the product. The website also offers another product known as APhase which is said to solve almost the same problems as AZe. So, these two products are very alike.

The manufacturer promises that AZe improves erections, boosts sexual performance, increases energy and improves mood. But in the bottom of each page of the website you can see a small statement saying that any of these promises haven't been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. In addition, it is noted that this product is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease.

As it was already mentioned the official website doesn't give any information about the ingredients of AZe. It only states that the product uses some patented AndroPhase delivery system due to which the absorption of the product is improved. However, there is no evidence for this statement.

I decided to take my time and research other sources and I found quite a long list of ingredients including Niacin 33 mg, Calcium 420 mg, Zinc sulfate 60 mg, AZe Propriety Blend 360mg, Guarana seed extract 22% caffeine, Yohimbine 15 mg, Taurine, Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa extract (lichen), Eleuthero root extract, Nettle root extract, Saw palmetto berry extract, Tribulis terrestris.

Niacin is a vasodilator which means that it expands blood vessels. A 12 week long research in 2011 found that a man needs 1500 mg of niacin per day to improve erections in case of moderate to severe erectile dysfunction (ED). The matter is that AZe contains only 33 mg. So, will it really help people who need it? And what about milder cases of ED? Besides, it turned out that Niacin in higher doses can be very harmful to the liver.

Then I made a research on the ability of Calcium, another ingredient of AZe, to solve erection problems, I haven't found any studies that would prove the effectiveness of calcium in fighting this illness. According to some data, however, calcium can help stabilize blood pressure and somewhat reduce cholesterol levels.

I haven't found any human studies that would link zinc and erections used red fortera, but still there is some evidence that zinc may raise testosterone levels in men with ED - red fortera reviews. At the same time, it should be remembered that high doses of zinc can reduce the swimming ability of sperm.

Probably, Yohimbine is the only ingredient in AZe that has a chance to show its effectiveness among other ingredients in the list. There are a few studies, proving that Yohimbine can help improve erections in men with erectile dysfunction.

The official website of AZe claims that it is all natural and has no side effects. There is only a short list of issues to be considered, but it is incomplete. However, I managed to make a research and what I have found is just shocking.

One of AZe ingredients, Yohimbine, can significantly raise blood pressure and heart rate, so it is not recommended to people with one of the following medical issues: heart disease, prostate problems, high blood pressure, anxiety and stress issues, depression, chest pain, kidney or liver problems.

By the way, relatively healthy people taking too much yohimbine can also face problems. For instance, 5 grams of yohimbine can cause neurotoxicity. This is what happened to a 37 year old bodybuilder.

In 1993 a report was received which showed the link between yohimbine and kidney failure, skin problems, and a lupus. This syndrome was registered in a 42 year old man. And in 2009 a yohimbine supplement caused an erection that lasted for 20 hours and finally required surgery.

"My husband had a 10 hour erection, and then became flaccid, emotional, angry, and paranoid for a week thereafter, please, avoid AZe"

"AZe seemed to have the opposite effect - less libido/desire to have sex and put me in some kind of weird funk"

"Unfortunately AZe had no effect what so ever. No increase in libido or help with ED"

AZe can be bought on official website, as well as on Amazon, Walmart, GNC. The regular retail price of the product is $137.49, however, the official website offers a few cost-saving programs. One bottle contains 90 capsules and will last for one month. The more bottles you buy the more money you save.

I don't think that AZe will take care of your health as it has many disadvantages. First of all, the official website doesn't offer a full list of ingredients. The product is really expensive, especially taking into account that you'll need to take three tablets a day. The manufacturer lies that AZe has been clinically tested. There is no proving of this fact anywhere. Besides, there are many negative reviews of the users.

There are some advantages of using AZe but they are not worth buying it, to my mind. The product doesn't require a prescription. It raises self-esteem mainly due to its placebo effect. I can't recommend you AZe, as there are other products which will really help you solve the problem of erectile dysfunction.

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